Advisory Board
The Bio-protocol Advisory Board includes editors from some of our partner journals, as well as Bio-protocol reviewers and authors. Its mission is to guide Bio-protocol to best serve the life science research community and its mission of openly sharing experimentally validated and reproducible protocols. Bio-protocol staff meet with these advisors once or twice each year to discuss new initiatives and progress on existing initiatives, challenges faced by the journal, and the Bio-protocol business model. We also welcome feedback and suggestions from our advisors throughout the year.
Advisory Board Chair
Vivian Siegel
Senior Editorial Advisor, Bio-protocol
Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research Professor, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA
Andy Collings
Executive Editor
eLife, UK
Martin Kolev
Associate Director
Apellis Pharmaceuticals, UK
Karl Kuchler
Medical University Vienna, Austria
Svetlana Kurilova
Technology Manager
at the Office of Technology Management University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC-OTM), USA
Holden T. Maecker
Stanford University, USA
Shaarika Sarasija
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Ottawa, Canada
Matthew Welch
Editor-in-Chief, Molecular Biology of the Cell
Professor, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Luoying Zhang
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
Founding Members
John Thomas Beatty
University of British Columbia, Canada
Jan R. De Mey
University of Strasbourg, France
Jürgen Haas
University of Edinburgh, UK
Elizabeth A. Jonas
Associate Professor
Yale University, USA
Eugene S. Kim
Associate Professor
University of Southern California, USA
Hermann M. Schätzl
University of Calgary, Canada
Daniel R. Storm
University of Washington, USA
Pan-Chyr Yang
National Taiwan University, Taiwan
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